(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. cover, crust; plaster, paint, varnish, glaze; plate; protect. —n. jacket, overcoat, ulster, sack, cutaway, tunic; coating; tegument, shell, envelope, skin, peel, rind, surface, cover. See clothing, covering, layer.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [An outer garment]
Syn. topcoat, overcoat, jacket, cloak, suit coat, suit jacket, tuxedo, dinner jacket, sport(s) coat, sport(s) jacket, blazer, dress coat, tail coat, frock coat, fur coat, mink coat, ski jacket, parka, anorak, cutaway, mackintosh, greatcoat, raincoat, trench coat, slicker, ulster, windbreaker, peacoat, pea jacket, car coat, three-quarter length coat, duffle coat, wrap, leather jacket, surtout, redingote, chesterfield, reefer, bolero, doublet, jerkin, shirtjacket, safari jacket, sou'wester*, mac*, tux*, tails*; see also cape 2 , clothes .
2. [A natural covering]
Syn. fur, hair, wool, hide, integument, protective covering, pellicle, husk, shell, crust, bark, scales, fleece, fell, epidermis, rind, scarfskin, ectoderm, pelt, membrane; see also fur , hide 1 , leather , skin .
3. [An applied covering]
Syn. coating, layer, sheet, covering, blanket, film, dusting, wash, glaze, priming, crust, painting, overlay, whitewashing, varnish, lacquer, gloss, tinge, finish, roughcast, prime coat, plaster; see also cover 2 .
Syn. cover, surface, glaze, smear; see paint 2 , spread 4 , varnish .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. fur pelt, fleece, wool, hide, pelage, fell.
2. coating covering, finish, layer, lamination.
3. overcoat jacket, wrap, tog, topcoat, windbreaker.
classic with black velvet collar: chesterfield
formal: tails, tuxedo
full-length: maxi
large overcoat: greatcoat long, loose with wide sleeves cut in one
piece with shoulders: raglan
long raincoat or overcoat with several pockets, belt: trenchcoat
midlength: midi
raincoat: slicker, trenchcoat
sportcoat: blazer
toggle-buttoning: toggle coat, duffel coat
waterproof coat with drawstring hood: stadium coat
woman’s long coat with large pockets: duster
woolen, plaid and short: mackinaw
see jacket

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